Travel Lift Gantry Crane For Sale

Travel lift gantry crane for sale is widely used for many occasions, such as water sport meetings, aquatic clubs, voyages, construction, lifting and transporting vessel. This kind of crane is amphibious, it can be used for lifting boats from water and applied for boats maintenance on the land. For light duty or heavy duty, customers can choose suitable travel lift as small boat hoist and high lift capacity travel lift, such as 10 ton vessel hoist, 15 ton travel lift for sale, 60 ton boat hoist, 100t marine travel lift, 300 ton marine travel lift, 1000 ton marine travel lift.

Aimix Group, a famous and professional travel lift supplier, provides high quality travel lifts with good price! Aicrane boat hoists have been exported to many countries and won trust from customers.

According to specific needs and conditions, we provide customized service! Whatever types of travel lifts customers want to buy, they can purchase suitable type from our group!

Top Travel Lift Gantry Crane For Sale
Top Travel Lift Gantry Crane For Sale

Travel lift gantry crane for sale parameters:

  • Rated lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting speed : 0-3m/min
  • Running speed : 0-40m/min

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Why choose travel lift gantry crane?

Travel lift gantry crane has wide application, because it has many advantages as following:

Boat hoist crane travels on the ground, not on overhead runways, thus it doesn’t require a runway structure.

Marine travel hoist doesn’t require concrete foundations.

They have terse structure and compact system, so the installation and maintenance is fast and simple.

Compared with other bridge crane system, marine travel hoist has a significant cost savings.

Travel lift gantry crane has reliable and complete safety protection devices, the performance is steady and great, such as protective earth conductor, voltage lower protection system and current overload protection system.

Boat Gantry Crane for Sale
Boat Gantry Crane

Buy Aicrane travel lifts

1. Multiple functions, wide application

2. Simple system, fast maintenance

3. Terse structure, easy installation

4. Durable material, long service life

5. High safety, high efficiency

6. Low cost, low failure rate

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