Marine Travel Lift For Sale

Marine travel lift for sale is kind of customized gantry crane. With simple structure, it mainly includes main structure, travelling wheel block, hoisting mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic transmission system, electric control system. It has reasonable design, the main structure for the “U” type, it can transfer the boat winch the height surpass its height.

With reliable quality, easy installation, safe operation and factory price, Aicrane marine travel lift for sale has been exported to many countries and regions, and have won high praise from customers.

We provides customized service! We can design and produce marine travel lifts according to practical needs and requirements!

Marine Travel Lift For Sale
Marine Travel Lift

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The application of boat travel lift

Marine travel lift is mainly used for fish port, transporting boat, lifting and maintaining boat.

This kind of gantry crane has large capacity, it can handle different tons boat (10t-1200t) from the shore side. It can be used for the maintenance on the shore side or can put new boat inside the water.

Travel Lift Crane Cost
Travel Lift Crane

The advantages of marine boat travel lift crane

For convenience, the lifting points are adjustable, many points can be lifted at the same time.

For safety, boat lift adopts the soft and firm belt to lift the boat, yacht; it will never hurt the surface.

For efficiency, it can put the boat in sequence quickly with small gap between each two boat.

For power, it is powered by its own diesel generator, the whole system is hydraulic driven.

For design, the main beam and end beam are connected by hinge form, which eliminate the partial stress due to bad load condition.

Aicrane marine travel lift for sale

1. Steady performance, high efficiency
2. Convenient use, easy operation
3. High safety, low failure rate
4. Terse structure, fast maintenance
5. Cabin control, remote control
6. Careful package, great after-sale service

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