Cabin Control Travel Lift

Cabin control travel lift is a very flexible and convenient lifting gantry crane. The operator can sit in the cabin and operate the machine. In this way, operator never worry about long distance, windy, cold and hot days. This makes cabin control boat hoist high efficiency and fast speed.

We supply top quality travel lifts for sale. Aicrane marine travel lifts have been exported to more than fifty countries and have won high praise. The travel lift can be divided into different types. For loading capacity, it includes high lift capacity travel lift and small boat travel lift. Light duty travel lift has 10t boat hoist, 25 ton portable boat hoist, 35 ton marine travel lift for sale. Heavy duty travel lift has 200 ton marine crane, 500 ton mobile boat lift gantry crane, travel lift 800 ton, 1000 ton marine travel lift.

With customized service, customers can purchase the most suitable travel lift from us! Reasonable design, terse structure and simple operation! Our boat hoist can save much energy and time!

Cabin Control Travel Lift For Sale
Cabin Control Travel Lift

Cabin control travel lift parameters:

  • Rated lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting speed : 0-3m/min
  • Running speed : 0-40m/min

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What are advantages of cabin control travel lift?

Cabin control boat hoist is widely used for lifting, transporting and maintaining boat. It has many advantages to make lifting and transporting work easy.

For convenience, the operator can operate travel lift in the cabin. Even in the windy, hot and cold day, the operator can still use the device.

For safety, travel lift is kind of heavy and large lifting crane. The safety is very important for heavy lifting crane. When the operator sits in the cabin and operates the crane, safety level increases.

For efficiency, the operator in the cabin can move along with travel lift at the same time. With simple operation, the operator can increase efficiency and save much time.

Marine mobile boat hoists have become the gold standard for marina operators, boat yards and other boat handling operations at home and abroad. When the vessels you need to move approach 15 to 100 metric tons, you need a mobile boat hoist that’s been engineered to handle the load.

We’ve engineered our features specifically with your goals in mind, from enhanced yard efficiency to quieter operations. Innovative, time-tested elements include the pivot trunnion, which means less stress on the machine’s structure, special materials to extend the life of the hoses, steel and paint and specially designed slings for unparalleled support. Additional significant innovations include the wireless remote control, which offers increased safety and convenience, sling adjusts that allow you to customize each lift, sailboat top beam extensions allowing additional clearance for different vessel configurations and all wheel electronic steering offering precision steering control for handling vessels with limited yard space. Our features help to optimize yard space usage and can offer the ultimate in flexible scheduling.

Travel Lift Crane for Boat
Travel Lift Crane

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Why choose double beam gantry crane feature, tyre gantry for yacht and small boat?

Rubber tyre boat crane is special designed for lifting boat, yacht with stable performance, high efficiency and ease maintenance, proper safety instructions and overload protection devices to maximize ensure the safety of operational personnel and equipment.

1.Electrical system uses PLC frequency adjustment which can easily control every mechanism;

2.Radar surveillance device for anti-collision

3.Adopt hydraulic drive unit, satisfy 2.5% slope working condition

4.Using the load sensing control technique, output power will change timely according to the actual use of power, high energy saving and environmental protection.

5.Lifting capacity: 10-1200t max lifting height: 40m

Parts and benefits of cabin marine boat lift

1.Strong beams: one time forging without welding beam U frame, and carefully welding of the whole beams. This result in lower dead weight with a high degree of vertical and horizontal rigidity and smaller wheel loads.

2.End carriage: crane traveling system, motor-reducer-wheel driven system, soft start motor results in very stable starting.

3.Durable performance and high efficiency!

4.Outstanding heat resistance with thermal-protective coating added at the bottom of the main beam!

5.Electrical equipment: electric systems are Siemens brand or other famous brands. What’s more, we adopt inverter, PLC and CMMS (fault monitor system)

6.Special design spreader is suitable for lifting 20 feet, 40 feet and 45 feet! And we can design non-standard type according to customers’ demands.

7.Long service life with a low-maintenance

Mobile double girder traveling lift shipbuilding gantry crane

  • Accuracy of level luffing is high
  • Operation device rotates 360 degree
  • Adopts PLC control and variable frequency speed control
  • Light structural weight, beautiful appearance and easy maintenance
  • The cab has a fine field of view and beautiful figure
  • It has complete safety devices and communication and lighting system

Stable performance of cabin control mobile boat lift

Cabin control travel lift is used for shipyard, yacht club, and water entertainment center and navy. It is also used for boat repair and maintenance work. It adopts flexible lifting belts to pull the boat bottom, multi-point lifting at the same time. Running and steering method is diverse. General speaking, it can be straight running, skew running, cross running, yaw running and pivot running. Customers can choose different configurations according to practical needs.

What is a cost-effective cabin control boat hoist crane?

This kind of boat hoist travel lift crane is composed of leg, longitudinal beam, cross beam, hydraulic winch, crane traveling mechanism, hydraulic pump station, diesel unit and so on.

For diesel unit, it can realize 12 walking functions such as straight line, oblique line, transverse line, in-place rotation and Ackerman turning to meet the requirements of different working conditions. And it has 4% climbing ability.

1. It adopts all-hydraulic driving, built-in diesel generator to provide power, good liquidity.

2. Adopt the way that traveling mechanism is hinged to longitudinal beam to eliminate the stress caused by uneven road surface when walking.

3. Lifting mechanism adopts the load-sensitive hydraulic system, the lifting point distance can be adjusted to keep the simultaneous lifting of multi-lift points and output power according to the load conditions, so that the energy consumption of the whole machine is reduced.

Main features of heavy duty boat hoist crane

1. For the crane traveling, it can move in diagonal direction, it can also steer in 90 degree, put the boat in any designed position according to requirements.

2. It can adjust the width of the main girder according to the boat in case to handling different side boat.

3. This hoist own the performance of low expense, high performance, easy to operate and maintain.

4. Low cost on the daily operation, it adopts the soft and firm belt to ensure there is no harm to the boat when hoisting.

5. It can make the boat in order quickly, it can also adjust the gap between each boat according different condition.

Purchase cabin control travel lift from us

1. Simple system, terse structure

2. Fast maintenance, quick installation

3. Smooth move, easy operation

4. Many advantages, wide application

5. Steady performance, cost-effective feature

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