Boat Travel Lift For Sale

Boat travel lift for sale is great equipment for lifting and transporting boat. It can move in diagonal direction, it can also steer in 90 degree or do pivot steering. This travel lift can put the boat in any designed position according to requirements. Boat hoist can make the boat in order quickly, it can adjust the gap between each boat according to different condition and reduce wasted space.

We design and produce travel lifts gantry crane according to national standards, international requirement and customers’ needs.

Low price, high performance, easy operation, simple maintenance! Buy reliable boat travel lift from us!

Boat Travel Lift For Sale
Boat Travel Lift For Sale

Boat travel lift parameters:

  • Rated lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting speed : 0-3m/min
  • Running speed : 0-40m/min

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The features of boat travel lift for sale

This kind of gantry crane has two types of drive, hydraulic drive and electric drive. This makes the equipment has high efficiency and powerful drive.

Boat marine hoist is amphibious. It can be used for lifting the boat from water, and can be applied for transporting boat or other material from one place to another place. It is also used for maintaining vessel.

For control way, this machine has two control ways. Cabin control and remote control. For cabin control, the operator sits in the cabin and move along with travel lift at the same time. For lighter duty, customers can choose remote control, it is also convenient.

For move, it has 360 degree concentric steering. Thus it can move towards any direction flexibly and easily. With the function of oblique movement, rubber tyre travelling mechanism makes an easy travelling. Smooth move makes it flexible to operate.

Boat hoists are crucial in areas where ice forms in the winter. Watercraft left in the water generally will be crushed when ice forms. A boat hoist prevents the possibility of such damage.

A boat hoist can be a costly purchase, and so it’s advisable for boat owners to measure the boat to ensure a good fit, both fore-to-aft and beam. Likewise, a good estimate of the boat’s maximum weight, including equipment and full fuel tanks, should be taken to guard against installing a boat hoist with an insufficient motor. If the hoist will be operated by a remote control on the boat, the maximum weight of passengers should also be included. In addition, variances in the water level due to tides or human activity are a major consideration in determining the type of boat hoist to install.

Aicrane boat travel lift has available lifting capacities from 10 tons to 1200 tons. If you want to lift your boat out of the water safely and stably, just choose Aicrane marine travel lifts. We provide various types of mobile boat lifts in the market. All boat hoist cranes are built based on the latest standards of proficiency and safety, legal regulations and requirements. In addition, we ensure lower maintenance costs and customized service.

As a professional travel lift supplier, we produce boat lift crane with high quality components, and has a heavy-duty paint system to ensure durability. Careful painting can protect the device from dust, rain, corrosion, seawater, wind and sunshine.

Standard range and custom built design

We offer custom built design due to in-house design. We are able to build marine hoists, travel-lifts and mobile cranes to all special requirements; our experienced engineers welcome your input. All harbor hoisting equipment is tested and inspected prior to delivery. Did you know that Aicrane machines are not only sold worldwide but also globally serviced?

We never sacrifice quality in favor of cost savings. Our highly skilled and motivated team ensure the delivery of a machine with low maintenance, low operational costs and a safer working environment for the operator and staff.

If you are looking for quality, safety, durability and environmental friendliness, you should give us a call!

Options for marine hoists and travel-Lifts

  • Full sound proof & environmental package for fully enclosed engine room
  • 1-year-warranty heavy duty paint system for corrosive environment
  • Wireless remote control operation
  • Jib crane full capacity in every angle, 360 +
  • All-wheel steering / All-wheel drive
  • Tropical package/ Arctic package
  • Forward mounted crossbeam for more space in top frame
  • Every machine can off course be adapted in width and height

Top boat travel lift for sale

1. Reasonable design, reliable performance

2. Steady move, flexible operation

3. Durable material, long service life

4. Complete safety devices, low accident rate

5. Soft and firm belts, no hurt for surface

6. Anti-water, amphibious functions

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