70 Ton Marine Travel Lift For Sale

70 ton marine travel lift for sale is a pretty good choice for heavy duty work. With compact structure, this kind of special gantry crane is easy and safe to operate. The operation methods include cabin control and ground control. Cabin control is that the operator sits in the cabin and controls the travel lift. This method adopts remote control. Ground control is that the operator stands on the ground and controls the travel lift. Ground control has wire control and wireless remote control. The both ways are flexible and safe. Customers can choose the suitable way according to working conditions.

Top 70 Ton Marine Travel Lift For Sale
Top 70 Ton Marine Travel Lift For Sale

70 ton marine travel lift parameters:

  • Rated lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting speed : 0-3m/min
  • Running speed : 0-40m/min

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Except for heavy duty travel lift, such as 70 ton marine travel lift for sale, 400 tons travel lift, 1000 tons travel lift, there is still light duty travel lift, such as 25 tons boat lift crane, 30 tons vessel travel lift, 50 tons ship travel lift. Different working conditions need different marine travel lifts. As a professional manufacturer, our company provides customized service to make sure every customer can get suitable travel lift. To purchase 70 ton marine travel lift for sale and other cost-effective boat hoist cranes, contact us now!

Tips of saving 70 ton marine travel lift for sale prices

Except for quality, price is another important factor that influences the purchase. How to buy a boat hoist crane with factory price and reliable quality? It needs much experience, the followings are effective tips.

First, learn more details and knowledge about marine travel lift. If your are professional at travel lift products, you must get one qualified and suitable boat hoist crane. Before purchasing travel lift, can you answer these questions? What is the structure of travel lift? What are basic components of boat lift crane? How does every part work? Why are safety protection devices of ship lift cranes? And how to ensure the safety of the crane? Professional product knowledge help you distinguish what is reliable supplier and travel lifts.

Second, purchase the vessel travel lift from the suppliers or manufacturers directly. Few medium-factories, less cost. Direct purchase can help save much extra expense. And this is also an efficient way. Because the customer can talk with supplier about prices, parameters, technology, delivery directly. Effective contact can save much time and may bring more benefits or discounts for the customers. Direct contact is especially essential for customized travel lift, because there are many details to make sure.

Third, buy a marine travel lift with high quality. Qualified travel lift has cost-effective features, it has complete safety protection devices, stable performance and long service term. It needs few maintenance and repair. This can help save expenditure. With durable features and long service life, the customer doesn’t need to replace the boat hoist crane frequently.

Features of qualified 70 ton marine travel lift for sale

Qualified shipyard travel lift is popular in lifting industry because of many advantages, such as wide application, strong adaptation, high efficiency and high safety.

As a customized “gantry crane”, marine boat lift crane has wide application in various fields, such as shipyard, factory, construction site, dock, aquatic clubs, water sport meetings and voyages. It can be used in the water and on the ground. So it is also called amphibious travel lift. This crane can put the vessel into the water and lift the vessel out of the water. It can transport the vessel or other material from one place to another place on the ground.

Boat lift crane has different capacities, such as light duty travel lift and heavy duty travel lift. Small travel lift has light deadweight, simple structure and flexible move. This crane is suitable for lifting and transporting small vessels. Large travel lift has features as power loading capacity, high efficiency and reliable safety.

Why is marine travel lift training necessary?

As a large lifting device, marine travel lift often lifts and transports vessel with 35 ton, 100ton, 400 ton, 600 ton and even more. This requires high safety level. Except for the complete safety devices of crane itself, the standard safety operation is also a key factor of ensuing the safety of crane and operator. Thus travel lift operation training becomes necessary.

In addition, professional training makes the operator have comprehensive cognition of ship lift crane. The more professional the operator becomes, the few mistakes the operator makes. Multi-level training ensures the operator can learn more knowledge about travel lifts, such as travel lift features, travel lift application, travel lift operation, travel lift maintenance and repair. Overall training system can reduce accident rate, increase safety level, protect the operator from damage and prolong the crane service term.

For any accident, an experienced and professional operator can keep calm and take suitable measures to deal with the problem. This can protect the operator and the crane from risks. It can save much cost caused by accident. For the operator, the basic and vital thing is to get training and operating license. Professional skills make the operator outstanding.

How to find reliable mobile boat hoist manufacturers?

Reliable travel lift manufacturers have common features. They provide customized service, first-class crane, professional technology and affordable price. It is not simple to find a reliable travel lift manufacturer, but still some tips for you as following:

First, choose the most suitable one from famous travel lift brands. Why is the brand famous? The manufacturer does a good job in following aspects, service, quality, design, price, technology. The brand wins the customers trust. It is a proper method to choose a famous travel lift supplier.

Second, get direct advise from friends who bought travel lifts once. This is also an effective method. And as repeat customer, the manufacturer sometimes will give discount for you.

Third, search information on the internet. If you want to purchase a boat hoist crane from unknown supplier, you’d better check the supplier’s information, such as producing line, the company power, the service, the scale, the product sales. If necessary, just take a visit to the company and factory by yourself. This direct way to learn the real condition of one manufacturer.

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