25 Ton Marine Travel Lift For Sale

25 ton marine travel lift for sale is suitable choice for frequent and light duty work. Looking for yacht or boat in and out of water whether to maintain or stock, there are no better solution but mobile boat hoist to service. This type yacht lifting equipment can be designed to suit boat both on capacity and size. With least standard and advanced mechanism, the boat hoist can resolve lifting business in short terms with reliable movement. Meanwhile, as well as freely move beloved yacht, the low maintenance rate will be a swift return on investment.

25 Ton Marine Travel Lift Manufacturer
25 Ton Marine Travel Lift for Sale

25 ton marine travel lift parameters:

  • Rated lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting speed : 0-3m/min
  • Running speed : 0-40m/min

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Aicrane, a well-known and professional travel lift manufacturer in China, sales both light duty travel lift and heavy duty travel lift. Light duty boat hoist is small and compact. It includes 10 ton travel lift, 35 ton boat hoist for sale, 50 ton marine crane hoist, 60 ton boat hoist, 75 ton marine travel lift, 100 ton mobile boat lift crane. High lift capacity travel lift is large and durable. It has 200 ton boat hoist, 500 ton mobile boat lift gantry crane, travel lift 800 ton, 1000 ton marine travel lift.

For any practical needs and requirements, we provide customized service! Factory price, reasonable design and various choices!

Take daily check work for 25 ton travel lift

Careful and daily check work is important for marine travel lift. It is related to crane’s service life and operator’s safety. Before using boat hoist, check every part of the crane totally, this can help find problems early and reduce failure rate. After using boat hoist, check the device again for good condition, for any abnormal condition, take measures to solve problems timely.

Storing a boat in the water is the source of many boat problems, such as peeling paint on the hull, corrosion of metal parts and damage from large objects moving in the water. A boat hoist installed at a dock is an easy solution to this problem. For storage during the off season, many boat owners bring their boats to a marina where they’ll be raised from the water by moving boat hoists and moved to secure dry storage slots.

Marine travel lift tires

To ensure high quality, we adopt the strongest tires on the market. With a maximum loading capacity of 30 tons per tire, the tire is excellent for boat lifts, travel lifts and marine hoist lifts. We provide travel lift tires with multiple advantages, such as carrying far more weight, performing with a greater elasticity and better traction, resulting in more removable flexibility. With customized service, customers can order boat lift tires in different sizes.

25 ton marine travel lift for sale

Marine travel lift boat hoist sling inspection and replacement guidelines are critical to the productivity of your machine and marina. By following the recommended inspection and maintenance procedures below, your marina will maximize its efficiency for the long haul and ensure that each pick is handled in the safest way possible.


Before the first haul out of the day is made, and before every use, a sling and rigging inspection must be followed. Slings and rigging must also be appropriately inspected before each lift is made during daily operations.

All new, altered, modified, or repaired slings and rigging hardware must be inspected by a qualified person to verify their compliance with the applicable provisions of ASME B30 standards and inspections before being placed into service. Written, detailed sling and rigging inspection records should be kept for all slings. These records show a description of the new sling and its condition on each subsequent inspection.

Periodic inspections of the slings and rigging hardware must be made and their frequency should be based on:

Frequency of use
Severity of service conditions
Experience gained on the service life of the similar gear used in similar applications.

Daily Scheduled Maintenance (before operation)

Inspect synthetic web slings

Slings should be inspected by a qualified person before every use. While in use, the operator should make certain the slings are not damaged by:

Cutting-straight line damage to one or more layers of the webbing yarns on the side of the cutting contact usually caused by edges of the loads or adjacent equipment.

Snagging-pulls of the webbing surface yarns away from their fabricated surface usually caused by nails or hull protrusions.

Wear-broken synthetic fibers at the contact surface or scratch marks on metal surfaces and can be on any part of the load bearing sling or rigging.

Pinching or crushing-material is unable to sit or lay in the position that it was fabricated or manufactured or to no longer maintain a dimension to which it was fabricated or manufactured.

Heat damage-caused by welding, burning or being pulled across a surface and evidenced by a charring and melted condition of the webbing.

Chemical damage -stains, brittleness or a melted appearance are visible.

Foreign matter-a “gritty” feeling to the synthetic webbing and a “dust” appears when the webbing is vigorously shaken.

Knots -the sling webbing not lying flat or curving in the width of the webbing.

Ultraviolet damage-stiffness in the webbing formed by its “new” condition and lack of “slipperiness” to the touch.

Sling removal criteria

A sling must be discontinued if damage such as the following (but not limited to) is visible:

Any condition that causes the user or inspector to doubt the sling or rigging’s ability to be used safely.

Cracks, bends, distortions, pitting or significant abrasion in any metal fitting rigging component of the sling or missing or illegible sling identification.

Acid or caustic burns in the sling

Melting or charring of any part of the sling

Certified marine travel lift slings

For complete safety information about the use of your synthetic web slings, contact us online.

Quality 25 ton marine travel lift for sale

1. Light weight, easy transportation

2. Terse structure, simple maintenance

3. Durable material, long service life

4. Advanced technology, great performance

5. High safety, high efficiency

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