Travel lift is kind of special gantry crane. It mainly includes two types, marine travel lift, and construction travel lift. The former type is more popular. Travel hoist crane is mainly used for lifting boats from the water, putting boats into the water and transporting boat and maintaining boat on the land. It is also used for transporting material with long size.

  • China Marine Boat Hoist Manufacturer
    China Marine Boat Hoist Manufacturer

Professional Travel Lift Manufacturer In China

AICRANE, a famous and reliable travel lift manufacturer in China, provides great boat hoists for sale, such as heavy-duty travel lift, light-duty travel lift, port used small travel lift boat crane, travel lift for water sport meetings, aquatics clubs, voyages, safe driving steady travel lift, factory price travel lift for sale, ISO approval marine boat hoist, remote control travel lifts, cabin control travel lifts and rubber tyre mobile travel lift boat hoist.

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All these cranes have steady performance and affordable price! Our travel lifts have been exported to countries and regions, and have won high praise and trust. Many customers purchase mobile travel lift cranes from us for many times! Reasonable design, great quality, factory price, Aicrane is a cost-effective choice!

Marine travel lift for sale

Travel lift is also called boat crane, mobile boat hauler, and boat transfer crane or boat travel lift. It is often used in shipyard, fishing port for the transfer of ship and vessels from dock to shipyard or warehouse and in turn. It is also applied in the shipyard for building of boats. Boat hoist travel lift includes the following items: main structure, traveling wheel block, hoisting mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic transmission system, electric control system. It can transfer the boat which the height surpasses its height.

According to different requirements, boat hoist crane can handle the different weight of boat or yacht (10t-1000t) from the shore side. It can be used for the maintenance in the yard and can put a new boat into the sea. It adopts the soft belt to lift the boat against surface damage.

Vessel Travel Lift Manufacturer

Vessel Travel Lift For Sale

Vessel travel lift for sale is applied in water sport meeting, aquatic clubs and voyages. This vessel hoist crane is ...
Top Travel Lift Gantry Crane For Sale

Travel Lift Gantry Crane For Sale

Travel lift gantry crane for sale is widely used for many occasions, such as water sport meetings, aquatic clubs, voyages, ...
Ship Travel Lift Manufacturer

Ship Travel Lift For Sale

Ship travel lift for sale is necessary equipment for lifting boat. It has many types to choose. For loading capacity, ...
Marine Travel Hoist for Sale

Marine Travel Hoist

Marine travel hoist is great choice for lifting boat. It has large loading capacity, customers can choose suitable lifting tons ...
Hoist Travel Lift Crane for Sale

Hoist Travel Lift Crane

Hoist travel lift crane is kind of transformed gantry crane. It has large capacity, such as 10 ton travel lift, ...
Boat Travel Lift For Sale

Boat Travel Lift For Sale

Boat travel lift for sale is great equipment for lifting and transporting boat. It can move in diagonal direction, it ...

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Advantages for the marine travel lift

1. Electro-hydraulic drive system

2. Full frequency conversion

3. Smooth, easy speed control

4. Safe system for boat transfer

5. Dismountable design for transportation

6. Torque indicator and monitor

7. Full sets of safety limit system

8. Professional technology, strict producing standards

Steering mode of mobile boat hoist

The details include straight movement, transversal movement, 90-degree steering, and 360-degree pivot steering.

Why choose Aicrane mobile boat hoist

Aicrane portable boat hoist crane is designed as an electric drive with a diesel generator. It has higher performance and easier control. It is the best succedaneum for previous hydraulic mobile hauler in the market. Compared with the hydraulic model, it leads to a 40% cost reduction. More customers change the previous choice and choose this type of travel lift for shipyard marketing.

We can design mobile boat hoist crane based on the actual condition in the shipyard. The reasonable design has advantages as variable frequency, intelligent control, fast installation, and smooth shipping. Our company supplies the best installation, customized service, and shipping solution to save cost for customers.

Travel lift occasion

Travel lift is mainly applied for water field and land work. Different travel lifts are used for different occasions. For marine boat hoist, it includes port used small boat crane, shipyard travel lift, straddle boat crane, yacht mobile crane hoist, dock travel lift, seaport vessel hoist crane, travel lift for water sport meetings, aquatics clubs, and voyages. Construction travel lift can be used for transporting boat and maintaining boat on the land.

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As a kind of dedicated hoisting machinery, travel lift is used to up and down water work of boat and level transportation. It is mainly used to ports along the coast. Its traveling mechanism adopts the wheel structure that can achieve 360-degree turn and run smoothly. The whole device is controlled by hydraulic and electric equipment.

Yacht Travel Lift for Sale

Yacht Travel Lift

Yacht travel lift is mainly designed for lifting vessel from water or putting vessel into water. This kind of gantry ...
Travel Lift For Water Sport Meetings

Travel Lift For Water Sport Meetings

Travel lift for water sport meetings is multiple-function device. It is used for loading boat from water, putting boat into ...
Travel Lift For Voyages

Travel Lift For Voyages

Travel lift for voyages is an important device for lifting boat, transporting boat and maintaining boat. According to lifting capacity, ...
Boat Travel Lift For Aquatic Club

Travel Lift For Aquatic Clubs

Travel lift for aquatic clubs is fantastic choice for customers. It never makes clients loose hope. Its terse system mainly ...
Straddle Travel Lift for Sale

Straddle Travel Lift

Straddle travel lift is a cost-effective choice for customers. As a special gantry crane, it has many advantages to make ...
Shipyard Travel Lift Manufacturer

Shipyard Travel Lift

Shipyard travel lift is necessary lifting device for boats. It has multiple functions, it can lift vessel from water, put ...
Buy Port Used Small Travel Lift Boat Crane

Port Used Small Travel Lift Boat Crane

Port used small travel lift boat crane is kind of light duty boat hoist. With light weight, it is flexible ...
Construction Travel Lift for Sale

Construction Travel Lift

Construction travel lift is one of special gantry crane. With terse structure, it is convenient to install, fast to maintain ...

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Popular travel lift

Popular travel lift is used for boat handling and transportation. It is composed of a mainframe structure, hoisting mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, and wheelsets. The main structure is designed with an open box shape. With high strength, it is able to transport boats that are much higher and longer than the crane itself.

Electro-hydraulic transmission and electric system are both available for option in hoisting and traveling parts according to client’s demands. The hydraulic system has a small volume, light self-weight, compact structure, smooth running, quick response, small inertia, easy operation, and automation. Electric hoisting system has outstanding cost-efficiency. The crane is able to take high-speed start and turn.

Discount U Shape Travel Lift

U Shape Travel Lift

U shape travel lift has reasonable design. This kind of gantry crane can lift boat that is higher than machine ...
Safe Driving Steady Travel Lift

Safe Driving Steady Travel Lift

Safe driving steady travel lift save much energy for operator! It has large loading capacity and reliable performance to ensure ...
High Quality Travel Lift for Sale

High Quality Travel Lift

High quality travel lift is important for lifting boat. It has steady performance to ensure safety and efficiency. Multiple lifting ...
Good Price Travel Lift for Sale

Good Price Travel Lift

Good price travel lift refers to travel lift with reliable quality and factory price. Cost-effective boat hoist is the most ...
Customized Travel Lift for Sale

Customized Travel Lift

Customized travel lift can mostly meet customers’ practical needs and requirements. This kind of travel lift crane is the most ...
Cheap Travel Lifts Boat Hoist

Cheap Travel Lift

Cheap travel lift with reliable quality is good choice for customers. This kind of boat hoist has factory price and ...

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New design travel lift

Multiple lifting points works simultaneously to avoid load skewness or strong pressure on the hull and possible damage or accident. Space between hoisting points is adjustable to fit boats in different dimensions and automatically adjust the deflection angle for adaption.

Pivot steering for the maximum option of space and flexible work. Ackerman steering and stable steering.
Radar anti-collision method makes operation safe and high efficiency.

Adoption of load sensitive control technology enables the crane to produce output as an actual demand to prevent energy wastes.

Soft but sturdy hoisting belts make no damage on hulls surface.

Rubber tires as a traveling mechanism make it convenient and flexible for operation without limit of rails.

Rubber Tyre Travel Lift Manufacturer

Rubber Tyre Travel Lift For Sale

Rubber tyre travel lift for sale is great choice for lifting, transporting and repairing boat. It has steering wheels, thus ...
Remote Control Travel Lift for Sale

Remote Control Travel Lift

Remote control travel lift is necessary machine for lifting and transporting boat. It is very convenient to use. Operators can ...
Cabin Control Travel Lift For Sale

Cabin Control Travel Lift

Cabin control travel lift is a very flexible and convenient lifting gantry crane. The operator can sit in the cabin ...
Amphibious Travel Lift Manufacturer

Amphibious Travel Lift

Amphibious travel lift is great tool for reducing failure rate, avoiding accident, increasing efficiency and improving working condition. It can ...

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By capacity

According to capacity, travel lift can be divided into two types, light duty travel lift, and heavy duty travel lift. For light and frequent work, small boat hoist is more suitable, such as 10 ton travel lift, 25 ton marine boat hoist, 35 ton mobile boat crane, 60 ton boat hoist, 70 ton marine travel lift crane. For heavy duty work, large travel lift is reliable, such as 100 ton boat hoist, 300 ton travel lift, 500 ton mobile boat lift gantry crane, travel lift 800 ton.

Light Duty Travel Lift for Boat

Light Duty Travel Lift

Light duty travel lift is kind of small lifting crane. It is suitable choice for light and frequent work. Small ...
Reliable Heavy Duty Travel Lift

Heavy Duty Travel Lift

Heavy duty travel lift is kind of large lifting crane. It is widely used for boat lifting, transporting and maintaining ...
100 Ton Marine Travel Lift Manufacturer

100 Ton Marine Travel Lift For Sale

100 ton marine travel lift for sale is kind of heavy-duty crane. It has a large loading capacity, complete safety ...
25 Ton Marine Travel Lift Manufacturer

25 Ton Marine Travel Lift For Sale

25 ton marine travel lift for sale is suitable choice for frequent and light duty work. Looking for yacht or ...

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Aicrane travel lift advantages

Boat hoist cranes move on the ground rather than on overhead runways, they don’t require runway structure, nor do they require concrete foundations.

1. Fast and simple installation

2. Significant cost savings

3. Simple and compact structure

4. Light weight

5. Steady performance

6. Easy maintenance

7. Less wastage

Packaging and shipping of boat hoist

1. Electric parts are packed by high quality plywood crate, to reduce distortion in delivering.

2. Main beams, end beams, and electric hoist are packed with plastic woven cloth. It can reduce abrasion when transport.

3. If the size of the whole crane is suitable for container ship, usually by a container.

4. If the size is too big, usually by bulk ship or by container after truncation.

5. Transport ways are based on reducing the cost for customers and keeping the crane performance.

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Compared with the same industry at home, we have more advanced processing equipment and processing technology. We take the lead in the implementation of lean management, lean production, which achieves the maximum guarantee of product quality, the requirements of customers.

Aicrane mainly deals in researching, developing and producing the lifting machinery, such as travel lift, overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, electric hoist and marine winch. We have become one of the most competitive enterprise group with the largest production and sales volume and the most influential brand in China’s crane industry. Up to now, our travel lifts have been exported to more than fifty countries, such as America, Russia, Korea, etc.

International installation of marine travel lift