Ellsen Yacht Travel Lift

Yacht Travel Lift

Yacht travel lift is mainly designed for lifting vessel from water or putting vessel into water. This kind of gantry crane is also used for vessel maintenance. Thus it is amphibious. Yacht boat hoist has terse structure, light weight, simple system. It is fast to install, convenient to use, safe to operate and portable to move. Yacht travel hoist crane has different lifting tons, for light duty, it has 10 ton travel lift, 25 ton marine travel lift for sale, 50 ton boat hoist, for heavy duty, it has 200 ton marine travel lift for sale, 500 ton mobile boat lift gantry crane, 1000 ton marine travel lift.

Ellsen Group, a professional travel lift manufacturer in China, provides types of boat hoists for sale, such as port used small travel lift boat crane, construction travel lift, travel lift for water sport meetings, aquatic club, voyages, ISO approval marine travel lift, steady safe driving hoist.

Ellsen provides customized service! Customers can purchase the most suitable travel lift according to practical needs and requirements.

Ellsen Yacht Travel Lift
Ellsen Yacht Travel Lift

Capacity: 10t-1000t
Size: designed as customer’s boat size
Hydraulic / electric drive
Cabin / remote control

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How to save cost for purchasing yacht travel lift?

One set of vessel travel lift costs at least ten thousand dollars. Large yacht travel lift costs more. Grasping some skills can help customers save much cost.

First, choose a professional manufacturer and supplier. This can ensure reliable quality and steady performance. For example, Ellsen provides all products with serious check and careful package to ensure good condition.

Second, the supplier has strength. It has its own factory or cooperates with powerful factory. Then the supplier can sale products at factory price. Customers can purchase cost-effective travel lifts!

Third, purchase marine boat hoists with suitable lifting tons. For light duty, small boat hoist is good. It can increase efficiency and improve working condition. For heavy duty, high lift capacity travel lift is great! It makes lifting work easier and safer.