Boat Travel Hoist For Sale

Boat travel hoist for sale has terse structure, it includes main structure, travelling wheel block, lifting mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic transmission system, electric control system, the main structure for the U shape. With simple system, boat travel lift is very easy to install, check and maintain. Travel hoist for sale is necessary device for lifting vessel. It can be used for lifting boat from water, putting boat in water and maintaining boat on the land.

Ellsen Group, a reliable and well-known travel hoist manufacturer in China, supplies great marine boat travel hoists gantry cranes with factory price, such as port used small travel lift boat crane, wharf travel hoist, boat hoist for voyages, aquatic clubs and water sport meetings, cheap travel lift for sale, factory direct sales marine travel lift, remote control boat hoist, cabin vessel hoist crane.

Customers can choose suitable travel lifts according to practical conditions and requirements. Great performance, convenient use, simple operation! Cost-effective choice!

How to purchase suitable boat travel hoist for sale

According to specific conditions, customers can buy good and suitable vessel travel hoist from Ellsen!

A floating boat hoist uses air to raise a boat out of the water. When the hoist is activated, the boat is lifted out of the water, cradled by bunks mounted on flotation tanks. One system pumps the tanks full of air to engage them to hoist the boat and floods them with water to float the boat. A newer type of floating hoist uses foam-filled tanks, which never need to be pumped full of air. When activated, these tanks are drawn together under the boat, raising it from the water.

For loading capacity, there are high lift capacity travel lift and small boat hoist. The former type is perfect for heavy duty, such as 100 ton marine travel lift, 200 ton travel lift for sale, 500 ton mobile boat lift gantry crane, 1000 ton marine travel lift; the latter type is suitable for light duty, such as 10 ton travel lift, 25 ton marine travel lift for sale, 60 ton boat hoist.

For use-place, customers can choose type as following, yacht vessel hoist crane, and port used travel lift boat crane, travel lift for voyages, aquatic clubs and water sport meetings, construction travel lift.

In a word, Ellsen travel lift crane is a great choice! It has many advantages, such as factory direct sales, good price, ISO approval, high safety! Buy Ellsen boat hoists gantry cranes now for more benefits!